Our commitment to accountability and transparency

Trickle Up is committed to meeting the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our work. We hold one another financially and morally accountable for the achievement of our mission and the effective and efficient use of our resources. Our annual financial statements have been audited by Lutz & Carr Certified Public Accounts, LLP, an independent audit firm with substantial expertise in nonprofit accounting.

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Cash and cash equivalents$2,296,982$1,803,156
Pledges receivable
    Restricted to future programs and periods$4,6212,604$6,247,328
Prepaid expenses and other current assets$84,100$73,408
Property and equipment, at cost, net of accum. depreciation $113,650$79,098
Security deposits$39,661$39,661
TOTAL ASSETS$11,486,558$11,611,331

   Accounts payable and accrued expenses$297,673$107,037
    Salaries and accrued vacation payable$252,048$197,432
    Refundable grant$56,869$56,869
   Refundable advance$250,000$250,000
   Security deposits payable$4,800$4,800
TOTAL LIABILITIES$861,390$616,138
Commitments and Contingencies
Net Assets
      Board designated operating reserve$1,985,162$1,240,885
Total Unrestricted$2,797,490$1,905,966
   Temporarily restricted$6,429,288$7,690,837
   Permanently restricted endowment$1,398,390$1,398,390
Total Net Assets$10,625,168$10,995,193
TOTAL ASSETS$11,486,558$11,611,331

Statement of Activities

year ended 8/31/18

2018 Expenses

Total Expenses: $6,326,635
81% Program
11% Management
8% Fundraising

2018 Operating Income

Total Revenue: $6,613,596

35% Individuals
38% Corporations & Foundations
24% Government & Multi-Lateral
3% Others

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